All Things Hot Dog

PHEW!  We made it safely off the boat at Fort Fischer and drove up to Carolina Beach. We found a little place called Island Hots which sells hot dogs.   The owner, Ronald Stevens, really knows his hot dogs because he brought me out a large budget of ice water.  I asked if I could meet some of the other hot dogs and he came with something wrapped in a bun and covered with mustard, relish, onions, etc.   I think it is a misnomer.  But then again, I love Vienna Sausages and I am willing to bet that they are not made from anything that come from Vienna nor do the Viennese eat them.  But I digress.  Mom and Auntie Dawn got beers and fries and said that there is nothing like a cold beer on the beach.  I wouldn’t know since they kept pushing the water on me.  I am now fascinated with all things hot dog and decided that’s what I want to be for Halloween.

Photo-op with owner, Ron Stevens on the patio

Photo-op with owner, Ron Stevens on the patio

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