National Dog Day – Carpe Diem

CARPE DIEM, doggies. Today is National Dog Day. Although we all know it should be at least a week long, I, for one, am going to make the most of this day. As you see, I ordered breakfast in bed, featuring my favorite food and drinks. I am going to lounge around until at least 10:00 am in my breakfast PJ’s- no bath for me today. I am then going to get ready to go to the Cary Dog Park to see who is up for some fun play. Mom said she would take me to the various pet shops to see what type of celebration is going on there, meaning free treats. Send me a picture of you celebrating our day and I will post them showing people that we really know how to Carpe Diem. You can send them to my mom’s email –

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  1. Cousin Carol August 27, 2014 at 1:28 pm #

    Dear Asha…Happy Doggies Day. Sorry I am a day late. Forgot to check my computer yesterday and my calendar did not have National Dogs Day written on the 26th of August. It seems wrong that my Calendar does not mention it because my calendar is a “HSUS” pet lovers calendar. Dah! …. I love your PJ’s and your breakfast looks delicious, better than what I ate actually…I hope you had fun with Dad and Mom at the Park. Love, Carol

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